Environmental Solutions

Water and Waste-Water Treatments

BioShaft Water Technology Inc. designs and manufactures domestic, industrial, and municipal wastewater treatment plants using the BIOSHAFT SYSTEM patent worldwide.
The design of the BIOSHAFT SYSTEM is elegantly simple. Within the heart of our system is the BioShaft Turbo Reactor. It works by utilizing 100% attached growth process that generates high concentration of Biofilm eliminating the production of sludge and odor.

The BioShaft System consists of:

Primary system
1. Equalizing stage where influent flow fluctuation is normalized.
Large objects are screened.

Secondary Biological system (Bio-filter)
2. The (AD) stage for the aeration and digestion of organics.
3. The Turbo Reactor where Biofilm is generated using attached growth media.
4. The settler for the recycling of biofilm and suspended matter.
5. Chlorine contact stage for he disinfection of treated effluent.
6. Equipment room.

The BioShaft system reduces energy consumption, space or footprint, Capital and operating cost.
The modularity of the system allows easy expansion.